New Booklet Available for Ministering to Troubled Teens

If you are a minister or church leader who works with troubled teenage girls, I have a book that might be a benefit for you. I just published my new pastoral care booklet called The Music Box. You can order it off of Amazon here. The booklet is available in both Kindle and paperback editions. You can get it for free on Kindle if you order it this Monday through Friday.


What Kind of Book is The Music Box?

The Music Box is, what I am calling, Christian psychological fiction. It is a true-to-life story. Care was taken to present the characters as real, three-dimensional, people. Here is the book’s description:

Sarah is an orphaned teenager with a troubled past. When her past returns with a vengeance, she embarks on a meandering journey back to her Christian faith. Along the way she rediscovers, God, family, and her true identity in Christ.

Is The Music Box a Bible Study?

Sort of. It is a fiction story that attempts to present well-developed characters who deal with real-life issues. Theological themes are weaved into the fabric of the story. There is a study guide in the back that makes the implicit themes mentioned in the story explicit. It provides an interactive study which requires the reader to engage several Scriptural passages. The Bible study helps readers in two ways. First, it shows how people in real life live out their faiths through conversation. Second, it provides biblical support for those conversations. In essence, I want readers to meet real characters. Then, I want them to understand these real characters through a Scriptural lens.

Who Would Enjoy  The Music Box?

The Music Box will appeal to all types of audiences. Teenage girls will identify with the protagonist’s struggles. Christian counselors and pastoral care workers will enjoy the gritty, detailed, characterization offered in the story. Counseling professors can use the characters as case studies in working with their graduate students. Church Bible study leaders will enjoy the Bible study questions in the study guide. All Christians, regardless of their areas of ministry, can benefit from interacting with this book.

What is Next?

Only the Lord knows. I wrote The Music Box as a resource for our Student Ministry at Grace Baptist Church. If booklets like The Music Box prove helpful to the care of souls in the local church, I will be happy to write more of them. Please feel free to comment either on the Amazon page or on this blog if the booklet has helped you.