Reflecting God’s Glory With Your Writing



I am a writer because Jeff Goins said so. Even better, I am a writer because Jeff Goins said that I could say so. But, best of all, I am a writer because the Creator God created me as a creative being. And when I write, I am creating. When I write I am doing one of the things God designed me to do. When I write I am reflecting his beauty in some small, yet significant way.

Although I am a writer, I am not a good one. I am better than I used to be. But, I am not as good as I am going to be. That said, I know I will never be as good as some others. And that is okay.  When it comes to writing, fear paralyzes many of my friends. They do not write because of what others will think. This keeps them on the sidelines. As Christians, God tells us we are more than conquerors (Rom 8:37). He did not give us “a spirit of fear but of power and love and self-control” (2 Tim 1:7). How can aspiring Christian writers overcome this fear?

Understand Who You Are

Here is my argument. God created you as a human being. As a human being, you are an image bearer of this God who created you. As an image bearer, you also reflect God in ways that the rest of creation does not. You are, in this sense, a personal being. And, as a personal being, you are different than the rest of the creation.

What is unique about being a personal being? Personal beings can relate to God and others. These relationships involve communicating through speech acts with other personal beings. As such, God wired you to communicate with others.

How do we communicate with other personal beings? We communicate in various ways. But, the focus of this article involves communicating through the written word. As already stated, as personal beings we are communicative beings. And one way of communicating is through writing. As such, in some sense then, we are all writers. Now, the problem is many of us do not think of ourselves as writers. But writing is a good gift of God. When we write we glorify him because we reflect his creativity. Thus, all people, but Christians in particular, should be writers. The problem is, most Christians don’t think of themselves in this way. This post explores the primary reason for this lack of awareness. It also offers encouragement to those who know they want to be writers but are afraid to start writing.

Understand the Impediment

Insecure people compare themselves to others more than secure people do. These comparisons lead to a great deal of navel gazing but not much productivity. This morbid introspection occurs because the insecure person feels bad about himself. He looks for evidence that confirms his perceived inadequacies. Meanwhile, he never pursues his dreams. He watches others leave him behind in their pursuits. This validates his beliefs about his inadequacy. And the cycle just perpetuates.

Overcome Your Paralysis

If you are one of these insecure people, how do you overcome this obstacle? Here are some ideas that may help.

Learn to be Okay with Yourself

If you are just starting, you are not going to be good. Just accept the fact that there are other writers who are better than you now. There will also be writers who are going to be better than you in the future. Focus on being the best writer you can be. Here’s why. God is a creative God. He created you in His image. When you create you imitate Him. So, regardless of the quality of your work, God smiles on your activity.

Find Meaning in Your Work

It also helps if you are writing with a purpose. Think about your reader. How do you want your reader to learn and enjoy your efforts? What do you want to share that will comfort, encourage, or motivate her? If you focus more on blessing others you will concentrate less on your own deficiencies. Aim to make someone’s life better. Pass along what God has given you (2 Cor 1:3-5). Be a conduit of his grace not a cul-de-sac.

Rejoice in Your Progress

Make sure you keep your early writings. Writing is like anything else. If you practice you will improve. Keep learning, growing, and stretching. Start simple and build from there. Share what you learn with close friends. Encourage other “would-be” writers. Thank God for your improvement. Keep reading. Keeping thinking. And most important of all, keep writing.

A Parting Word

So there you have it. God created you to create. When you write you create. When you write you reflect the glory of God. When you write you find meaning and purpose in your life. When you write you express God’s love to others. When you don’t write, fear wins. And when fear wins, you are not acting like the conqueror that you are. Don’t let fear win! Write!

Join the Conversation

Are you someone paralyzed by fear of writing? What small step can you take today to overcome this fear? How can you glorify God by stepping out in faith this way? We all need encouragement. Please feel free to leave comments on what has helped you progress as a writer.