How to Counsel Wisely

Good counselors provide sound wisdom to those under their care. Where do counselors obtain this wisdom? Of course, ultimately, all true wisdom comes from above (James 3:17). However, God uses counselors as administrators of his grace; hence, the question then becomes, “What means does God use in giving soul care workers this wisdom?” I think, at least for me, any wisdom I happen to convey flows from a process that repeatedly recycles as I grow in my professional development as a counselor and my personal development as a Christian.

The best way that I can explain how God has used me to help others may be summed up in the following sentence:

Read voraciously, write prolifically, and converse frequently!

At the time of this posting, I am reflecting on an email from a client thanking me for helping him “see something” he had never seen before. While flattered at the compliment, as I read his praise, I noticed that the information I shared with this person came from a book that helped me better understand the relationship between law and gospel. In addition, I realized that one of my professors had sharpened my understanding of this concept by requiring me to write articles related to it. Finally, I remember the numerous and collegial conversations concerning this topic that I have participated in with a close friend over the last few years.

With that stated, I can only conclude the following: Often, at least for me, it seems that the Holy Spirit brings into my awareness information acquired through reading, impressed upon my heart through writing, and elucidated through conversing.

Returning to my client’s email, I realize how fortunate I am to be used of God in some small way to help another hungry beggar find bread.

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Has this been your experience? Have you found that the Holy Spirit tends to use things you have been studying to help you with your clients?