What this blog is about…

I suppose that there is no ONE correct way to start a blog. Perhaps a good place to start is by simply sharing what led me to see a need for a forum such as this one. Over the years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to get to know many of the leading individuals in the different “camps” of the Christian counseling world. I know, and consider friends, individuals who would call themselves Nouthetic counselors, Biblical counselors, Christian psychologists, Integrationist counselors, and even a Levels-of-explanation counselor or two.

While all of the people represented by these various approaches differ on several substantive issues, one thing that seems to characterize all of them is their love for the Lord Jesus Christ. As I have thought about this commonality, it has occurred to me that for any of these approaches to be distinctively Christian, they must hold non-compromisingly to a Christian worldview. Of course, this thing called a worldview is often held inconsistently and often goes unarticulated or explicitly applied to our counseling models and theories.

It is here that I hope this blog will make a difference. I want to provide a place where we can dialog thoughtfully, carefully, and most importantly, Christianly about the therapeutic culture in which we find ourselves. As such, I hope to write about how we can think in a distinctively Christian way concerning the common issues and challenges all counselors face in contemporary culture. I will accomplish this by reflecting and writing on these issues and challenges through the lens of Scripture and the writings of the Christian tradition.

Well, there you have it. I welcome you and pray that God will bless us both as we learn to Think Christianly in a Therapeutic Culture.